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Disease Control

Don't let diseases take over your garden or landscape areas this year. Ortho's garden & landscape disease control products are formulated to stop and prevent a wide range of plant diseases. Caring for your flowers and shrubs has never been easier!

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Ortho® Disease B Gon™ Copper Fungicide Concentrate

Ortho® Disease B Gon™ Copper Fungicide Concentrate is a copper soap fungicide use to control a wide range of listed plant diseases.

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Ortho® Disease B Gon™ Garden Fungicide

For use on roses, other listed ornamentals, vegetables and fruit trees

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Ortho® Moss-B-Gon® Liquid Moss Control

Kills moss, algae and lichens quickly and effectively

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Ortho Rose Flower Disease Concentrate

Ortho® Rose & Flower Insect & Disease Control Concentrate

2 products in 1: Controls listed Insects & Diseases.

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Ortho® Bug B Gon® Insect & Disease Control Concentrate

Dual-action formula controls listed insects and diseases in one easy step

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