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Ortho® Home Defense MAX® Secure-Kill™ Rat Trap

Ortho Home Defense Max Secure-Kill Rat Trap

Overview & Benefits

    Ortho® Home Defense MAX® Secure-Kill™ Rat Traps are Easy To Use - Just Press and Set! It's the simple, convenient version of the traditional rat trap.

Available sizes:

    1 trap
  • How to Use

      Bait Trap by placing food (such as peanut butter or fresh fruit) in bait well.
      Place trap facing wall where you see rat activity. Press set-arm down with your foot or hand. You will hear a "click" when set.
      Use convenient grab tab to dispose. No need to touch the rat.

  • When to Apply


    Seeing a rat or seeing droppings is the #1 sign you have a rodent issue.

    Other rat detection signs:
    - Destruction to food or property (particularly gnaw marks).
    - Erratic pet behavior.
    - Neighbors also complaining about rodent issues.
    - Find oily 'rub' marks on baseboards and walls.

  • How often to apply

    If rat is not caught in 2-3 days, unset trap, place trap in alternate location where rat activity is suspected, and then reset the trap.

  • Where to Use

    Place trap near signs of rat activity. Some typical high rat activity areas are along walls in garages, attics, and basements.

  • Benefits

      Easy To Use - Just Press and Set™
      Secure Catch Design
      Grab tab ensures you never have to touch a dead rat again
      Perfect for garages, attics, basements and sheds
      Kills Rats, Guaranteed!*

  • Packaging


This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

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