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Ortho® Mole B Gon Mole & Vole Repellent Ready-to-Spray

Ortho Mole Repellent Ready-to-Spray

Overview & Benefits

  • Repels moles and voles
  • Safe for people, pets and plants*
  • No stink formula using essential oils
  • Delivers long-lasting & rain resistant performance
  • Available at Walmart, ACE, Do It Best, True Value and select Home Depots.
    *When used as directed.

Available sizes:

    32 oz Bottle
  • How to Use

    32 oz Ready-to-Spray

    To Connect:
    1. Shake container well before using
    2. Connect bottle to end of hose
    3. Turn on water

    To Spray:
    1. Point sprayer towards the area to be treated and turn know to the ON position
    2. Lightly spray plant leaves, stems, flowers and branches that need protection
    3. Making sure plants are covered from all angles
    4. Do not overspray

    To Finish: 1. To stop spraying, turn knob to the OFF position
    2. Disconnect hose

  • How often to apply

    Repeat application as needed, usually every 30 days or at first site of new damage.

  • Coverage Area

    32 oz container will treat approximately 5,000 sq ft

  • Special Instructions

    When using on edible crops, apply the product when no above ground harvestable food commodities are present, including blossoms. Treat tunnels and dems by applying to openings.

  • Benefits

    Repels moles and voles
    When used as directed, safe for people, pets and plants
    No stink formula using essential oils
    Delivers long-lasting & rain resistant performance

  • Packaging


  • Active Ingredients

    23.33% Castor Oil, 1% Geraniol, 0.5% Peppermint Oil

  • Disposal Methods

    When finished with contents, offer for recycling or dispose according to local or municipal laws. Never place unused product down any indor or outdoor drain.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Material Safety Data Sheets can be found at

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