ScareCrow® Protects Your Garden From Animals - Guaranteed Effective from Day One

  • Works against deer, cats, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits & other critters
  • Effective, chemical-free alternative without unsightly netting
  • Protects up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty*
*See product label for further details.

ScareCrow® Motion Activated Animal Deterrent

Tired of battling deer, cats, raccoons, squirrels and rabbits? Stop animals from invading gardens and ponds with ScareCrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent. Guaranteed effective from day one, this smart ScareCrow uses a startling, yet harmless, blast of water to keep deer and other destructive animals at bay. Plus, the custom motion sensor lens increases detection range for smaller animals, like cats and raccoons. The original motion-activated deterrent protects day and night, all season long.

Watch How The Scarecrow® Protects Gardens & Pounds!

How the Scarecrow Works

    1. Link Scarecrow Sprinklers in series to guard larger spaces
    1. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals, teaching them to avoid the area
    1. Protects up to 1,200 square feet

The Scarecrow Advantage

Hose Attachment Point:

Multiple ScareCrows may be hooked up together

Optional Eye and Beak Decals:

(shown without decals applied)

Adjustable Spray Distance

Adjustable Spray Arc

Adjustable Sensitivity

Motion Sensor:

Detects Animals Day and Night

Additional Features
  • Custom Motion Sensor Lens:
    Unique lens design increases detection range for smaller animals like cats and raccoons
  • Fail-Safe Valve is Leak Proof:
    Valve is designed to automatically close and cut off water even without power to protect your lawn against flooding
  • Intuitive Low Battery Indicator:
    Near end of battery life, unit conserves power by shortening water bursts to 1 second

Protects Your Garden Against These Animals & More!

  • Deer

  • Skunks

  • Rabbits

  • Squirrels

  • Geese

  • Cats

  • Herons

  • Raccoons

Protect your garden with a harmless burst of ultrasonic sound. CatStop® is only heard by cats, and protects your garden without the use of chemicals or barriers.

  • Defends gardens, sandboxes and other protected areas
  • Works day and night, all season long
  • No chemicals, no barriers
  • Uses a harmless burst of ultrasonic sound
  • Monitors up to 300 sq. ft